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Audio Engineering Course  



This course focuses in the audio recording and mixing field. A number of areas will be examined. The lessons will combine the use of Labs for learning the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and the mixing process and the Recording Studio for recording projects. The students will have access to a variety of microphones, studio hardware and instruments. They will be given the chance to book their own recording sessions for solo artists or bands. 


Audio engineering is a life learning process. By the end of this course the students will acquire the fundamental skills to make their first steps into the industry for jobs like studio engineering, audio technician, mixing engineer etc. Most of the knowledge that will gain in this course applies to live engineering as well.


A) Studio setup, hardware, microphones, signals and acoustics

B) How to use the DAW (digital Audio Workstation) for recording, editing and mixing practices

C)  Microphone Recording Techniques and setups


D)  Essential Mixing Techniques using various plugins in the DAW - dynamics, equalisation and other effects.


Course Duration: 10 months

Lessons time: 1,5 hours per week

Practice time: 1,5-3 hours per week, approximately

Requirements: None


Course Outline:

  1. Basic Studio Hardware and setup

  2. Sounds and signals

  3. Introduction to the DAW

  4. Recording Session planning and preparation

  5. Audio Recording - I

  6. Audio Editing - I

  7. Audio Mixing - I

  8. Audio Recording - II

  9. Audio Editing - II

  10. Audio Mixing - II

  11. Intro to Mastering using a professional Audio Editor 

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