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We currently offer 2 courses:

- Music Technology & Production

- Audio Engineering

The Music Technology & Production Course combines Midi Composition (that is composing music on a computer sequencer using MIDI support devices such as Midi Keyboards, Drum Pads etc) and Audio Recording/Mixing. The Audio Engineering course focuses on the audio field. That is recording voices and instruments as well as mixing and mastering techniques.

Both courses are offered in the form of private lessons making them much more effective and efficient rather than working in a class with a group of people. Even though we have a general outline for each course, the fact that the lessons are private (one-on-one) or in small groups of 2 people only that  give us the flexibility to shape and design the lessons around your needs and demands thus speeding your learning progress! Each student has his/her own dedicated  computer to work on during lesson time but also for practice.  We also have an option for Online Lessons. Contact us for more info.

The lessons take place in our newly designed Music Technology Lab. The lab is equipped with latest Technology Supercharged Computers, excellent Software and Hardware. The Students will also use our Studios for recording and mixing projects.  We are an official Rockschool Exam Centre in Music production offering internationally  accredited certificates. Click on the link below to get more info about the course you are interested in .

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