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Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Our programs are in the form of intensive 45 minutes one-on-one sessions once or twice a week (except Music Technology & Production and Studio Engineering courses that they are 60 or 90' each session) and they are running at our professional recording studios. We cover all the basic pop and rock styles such as funk, punk, rhythm and blues, rock n' roll, commercial pop, soft rock and hard rock and alternative rock styles. When you progress to a certain level you will have the chance to record your performance taking full advantage of our studio facilities. You will also be given the opportunity for ensemble training playing or singing along our teachers and session musicians! You can also choose to give Rockschool exams if you want to receive a certificate or if you are planning to continue for music studies at a higher institute such as a College or a University. We also offer Online Lessons for those that can't come to the studio. In our school we have people from many different countries. 

Fees: They vary depending on the course. Discount applies for students choosing to follow more than one course or having lessons twice a week. Please contact us for more info.

Pop & Rock Singing

Singing lessons make full use of our studio recording facilities. If a recording is at a good level we can mix and master it properly, make a video and post it on social media. Singing lessons cover the following main sections: 

  • Voice Mechanics 

  • Technical Development 

  • Song Analysis and Stylistic Approach 

  • Improvisation and harmony vocals

  • Microphone techniques and stage presence

  • Basic music score reading (only for those interested)

  • Sight reading and aural training (only for those interested)

  • Tips and tricks when working with live musicians and bands

  • Studio recording and performance analysis



Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Piano and band Keyboards

Electric Bass


Music Technology & Production 

Audio Engineering 


Percussion Course for kids 

Popular Music Theory

Group classes

We are now offering Guitar lessons for small groups from 2 up to 4 people. The classes will be formed according to demand and will be divided into different age groups. These lessons have a duration of 50 minutes each, running weekly. They are recommended for people just starting out and they want to get a taste of the instrument learning the fundamentals. For example if you are a singer and you want to learn some important techniques, chords and rhythms so that to effectively accompany yourself  then this may be a good option for you. If you have some friends interested as well then you can form a group together. Eventually if somebody wants to progress faster he/she should ask for one-on-one tutorials. The costs for the group classes is obviously lower than one-to-one classes and depends on the number of people within a group.  Please ask for more details.

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