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Professional recording and mixing facilities    

We have two fully sound isolated and acoustically treated rooms for recording, mixing and mastering that sound very musical and alive. We undertake solo artists or bands and can even provide you with the musicians if you need them. You can be assured that you will work in a friendly and creative place and we will make everything possible to help you bring out your creativity. We are not just sound engineers but firstly we are musicians so we always try so that our productions sound very authentic and real.


Our equipment is excellent and broadly consists of the following:

  • New Mac Pro 12-core and two desktop PCs with Intel i7 processors.

  • Great selection of condenser and dynamic microphones

  • A number of high fidelity studio monitors and loudspeakers

  • Great solid state and tube microphone preamps 

  • A huge selection of fx plugins and vst instruments

  • Pearl vision drumset with remo heads

  • Upright  french piano with great acoustics

  • A selection of percussion instruments

  • Acoustic and electric guitars

  • Electric Bass

  • 2 guitar amps (Hayden and Blackstar)

  • Quality analog and digital fx guitar pedals


Our prices are very logical and you can either choose to pay by the hour or ask for a fixed price for longer projects. For Mastering projects we charge by the song.  You can always call or drop us an email for more info. 

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