The Acoustic Studio Sessions.

Our students perform song covers arranged and recorded at our studios using acoustic instruments. They are accompanied by other students, teachers or associates of our school.

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 1

Paris Christophi (singing) and Antonia Araouzou (guitar) are performing "Sorry" by Justin Bieber as part of our new project. A series of new videos will follow this one in the near future!

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 2

Sofia Savva (singing) and Danny Iacovou (guitar) are performing "How deep is your love" by Calvin Harris. this is the 2nd video of our Acoustic Session series. Enjoy!

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 3

Styliana Kotsapa (singing), Kyriacos C. Taylor(guitar), Michalis Chrysanthou (piano) and Georgia Charalambous (harmony vocals) are performing "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Ray. Another performance from the Acoustic Sessions.

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 4

Joanna performs "These Waters" by Ben Howard. Guitar can be a very effective percussive instrument as well under the right hands!

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 5

Ο Κυριάκος Νεοκλέους ερμηνεύει το "Δεν είμαι άλλος" του Θάνου Μικρούτσικου. Κιθάρα: Ντάνι Ιακώβου, Πιάνο: Μιχάλης Χρυσάνθου.

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 6

Antonia Araouzou performs a mashup of "Dancing on my own" (Robyn) and "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon). She is another talented student of our school. Keyboards by Michalis Chrysanthou.

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 7

Ο Κυριάκος Νεοκλέους ερμηνεύει το "Πριν το τέλος" του Βασίλη Παπακωνσταντίνου. Κιθάρα: Κωνσταντίνος Χριστοδούλου, Cajon: Γιώργος Κοκής, Πλήκτρα-Ηχογράφηση- Μίξη-Ενορχήστρωση: Μιχάλης Χρυσάνθου.

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 8

Antonia Araouzou performs a mashup of "The man who can't be moved" (The Script) and "Sorry" (J.Bieber). 

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 9

Ο Κυριάκος Νεοκλέους ερμηνεύει το "Λούνα Πάρκ" του Θάνου Μικρούτσικου. Πιάνο, Ηχογράφηση, Μίξη, Καθοδήγηση Τραγουδιστή: Μιχάλης Χρυσάνθου. 

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 10

Ο Κώστας Κούρνης ερμηνεύει δυο κομμάτια του Δήμου Αναστασιάδη. Κιθάρα: Κωνσταντίνος Χριστοδούλου - Κρουστά: Γιώργος Κοκής - Μπάσο, Strings, Ηχογράφηση, Μίξη, Καθοδήγηση Τραγουδιστή: Μιχάλης Χρυσάνθου

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 11

Sofia Savva performs "Give it to me right" by Melanie Fiona. 

Guitar: Armen Kababyan (Teacher at New Music)

Voice coaching, Recording & Mixing: Michalis Chrysanthou (Voice Teacher & Music Technology Instructor at New Music)

Video: Armen Kababyan

Acoustic Studio Sessions - Video 12

Christina Demetriou performs "Killing me softly" by Charles Fox. Piano, Voice Coaching, Recording, Mixing: Michalis Chrysanthou

Live shows & enseble work.


Videos from various shows organized by our school and from draft recording sessions at our studios.

The opening song at The New Music Acoustic Summer Show 2016, 18th June. Voice: Stephanie Pourgouri, Guitar: Antonia Araouzou, Bass: Constantinos Christodoulou, Percussion: Giorgos Kokis, Keyboards: Michalis Chrysanthou.

Kyriacos Neocleous performing live with Project-X: "Min m' aggizeis" by Kitrina Podilata at the New Music Show - Summer 2015

Our band Project-X  draft recording session:

"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy. Singer: Gianis Rocopos. This was recorded n our studios, in just one take with minimal mixing and effects! The first of a series coming out.

Paris Christofi performing: "Applause" by Lady Gaga at the New Music Show - Summer 2015

Stephanie Pourgouri performing live with our session guitarist Kyriacos: "Nobody's perfect" by Jessie J. at the New Music Outdoor Rock Show - Summer 2015

Marcella Agisilaou performing: "Heroes" by Mans Zermelow at the New Music Show - Summer 2015

Sofia Savva performing live with Project-X: "Zombie" by Cranberries at the New Music Show - Summer 2015 

Elena Loizou performing live with our guitar instructor Danny Iacovou: "Eisitirio stin tsepi sou" by Pantelis Thalassinos at the New Music Outdoor Rock Show - Summer 2015.  

Savvas Savva & Giannis Rocopos performing live with Project-X:

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, opening for the rock band Minus-One.

Angy Odysseos, Sofia Savva & Stephanie Pourgouri performing "Wings" by Little Mix  at the New Music Show - Summer 2015.

Kyriacos Neocleous is performing "Soldier of Fortune" at the New Music Show - Summer 2018. Guitar: Armen Kababyan, Piano: Michalis Chrysanthou, Bass: Constantinos Christodoulou, Drums: George Kokis

Studio Recordings of our students

These are high quality studio recordings of our students during their lessons.

Georgia Charalambous is performing "Price Tag" by Jessie J. This is the first of a series of studios recordings of our students. They are of superior quality but we tried to kep any editing or mixing to the minimum. She is accompanied on the guitar by our session guitarist Kyriacos C. Taylor (also a member of our band Project-X).

Sofia Savva is performing "Flashlight" by Jessie J. Another powerful performance from one of our talents here at New Music.

Antonia Araouzou is performing "I Lived" by One Republic. Nice and emotional performance by Antonia.

Styliana performs "Bird set free" by Sia. A new star is rising!

A  group of our students is singing "Santa Claus is coming to town".

Kyriacos Frangoulis performs "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. He made this recording after having just a few months lessons with us. During this time he expanded his upper range by almost 5 semitones reaching a high A at some point in the song!

Marcella Agisilaou performs "If I were a boy" by Beyonce. A great performance by a past student of our school!

Christos Mylordos performs "Pou na exigo" by Antonis Vardis. Another quality recording!

Professional recording & mixing projects at our studios.
Selected professional recording and mixing projects of solo artists, small ensembles  and bands. 

Electric Guitar:

A recording of Danny Iacovou playing the blues by Albert King on top of a backing track. He used our Hayden Mofo tube amp head and cabinet. Very little effects have been used on the mixing.

Arda and the Stolen Moon - Dear Lover:

This is a song from our latest album fully produced at our studios. The mastering took place at USA. We are very proud of this  work!

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Memorie - Stonus:

This is a production in association with the band Stonus!