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Music Technology & Production Course  


This course combines music composition/arranging using dedicated software on the computer and studio recording/mixing techniques. It is designed for beginners and/or people with little knowledge on these subjects. It takes 2 years to complete. 


The first year will provide the students with a good understanding of how to use effectively the DAW (Digital audio Workstation) on the computer and some VST instruments and FX plugins. You will also be able to apply simple audio recording and mixing techniques for instruments and voices. 


The second year will move into more complicated composition and arranging techniques including music for the Media (TV, Films). You will also learn to record more complicated sources where a number of microphones should be used at the same time and how to mix and master bigger projects. There are also chapters on synthesis where you learn to create your own sounds from scratch, sampling techniques and even chapters about how to copyright and promote your music.

Who is it for:

By the end of these courses you will be in good condition to make your first steps as a composer, producer or sound engineer. No course can teach you everything about music technology and production since this area has become so vast and there are so many options and routes to follow. However it will give you a good understanding of some industry standard composing and production methods in different styles and how to apply them effectively. From there on it is up to you what to do with the knowledge you gained. 


The course will take place both at our newly designed Music Technology Lab and the Recording Studio. The students will have access to great software, hardware, microphones and other studio equipment and various instruments. 

Accredited Certificates:

The school offers the option for those interested to acquire Internationally Accredited  Music Production Certificates. We advise you to book a meeting with us in order to get more info about this and the course in general!

Course duration: 

Beginner to Intermediate - 10 months

Intermediate to Advance - 10 months

Lesson time: 1,5 hour per week

Practice time: 1,5-3 hours per week, approximately


(suggested but not necessary)

Basic Keyboard skills, Basic Theory Skills

Course Outline - Beginners & Intermediate:


  1. Introduction to Production

  2. Sounds & Signals

  3. Introduction to DAW

  4. MIDI Sequencing - I

  5. MIDI Editing - I

  6. Working with various VST Instruments - I

  7. MIDI Composition I - General

  8. Audio Recording - I

  9. Audio Editing - I

  10. Audio Mixing - I

  11. Composition II - EDM, House styles

Course Outline - Intermediate to Advance:

  1. Studio setup, equipment & connectivity

  2. Audio recording - II

  3. Audio Mixing - II

  4. Composition III - Hip Hop, Trap styles

  5. Synthesis Techniques

  6. Sampling Techniques

  7. Composition IV - Film scoring

  8. Intro to Mastering

  9. How to Copyright and Protect your Music

  10. How to promote your music

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